Sunday, July 26, 2015


GameTrakker™, also know as SGOC GameTrakker™, is a Mobile Website specially created to track Small Games Of Chance (hence SGOC). Our GameTrakker™ was developed in 2012 and  has been in continual improvement mode since conception.

GameTrakker™ allows Pennsylvania Taverns and non-profits to track their ticket sales and payouts for the games they offer to their customers. New compliance regulations make it tougher for businesses to make sure their filings confirm to those regulations. GameTrakker™ solves that problem by tracking every sale and every payout, and creating an e-filing that guarantees compliance.

GameTrakker™ works from an iPad in an iPad stand that sets on the bar for mobility and quick access by the bartender. . It is wireless and all entries are stored on the cloud. Many reports are available, including year-end E-Tides. For non-profits, the E-tides is delivered automatically, and as soon as the regulatory agency makes it available, taverns will also be done automatically.

Many of the vendors will now be able to upload games that businesses purchase, bypassing the tedious and time consuming "fat-finger" entry. More will be coming on line soon.

People who enjoy Pull Tabs, Punch Boards, Daily Drawings, Raffles, and other Small games of change can purchase games from the bar, or tablet. The SGOC GameTrakker™ will track Payins and Payouts of purchased games and do automatic reporting.

Many of the features include:

  •  Cloud Based with Intuitive Sync Technology (allows for Online and Offline mode)
  • Tracks sales of Small Games of Chance for both Taverns and Non-profit organizations
  • Track Ticket Sales made by Employees
  •   Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Schedule-V back office Reports
  •   Database Game Metrics (Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly game sales, and payout)
  •  Game Click Metrics by user(record how many times a game is clicked on)
  •  Also supported: Holder Games, Jackpots, Door Prizes
  • Creates a validated report to the state that guarantees compliance based on client input
  •  Automatic Submission to E-Tides for Non Profits (VFW’s, Legion’s, Etc) 
  • User Role based security; allows the manager to determine what areas of the program an employee has access to
  • Has the ability for the game vendor to automatically load purchased games into the program, eliminating the time consuming “fat Fingering” of games into the database
  • Companion programs available for POS tracking and reporting of food, drinks and other sale items
  •  Open and close games from Manager control section
Be aware that there are knock-offs of our product available, but only SGOC GameTrakker offers all of these features and protects your compliance.

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